A company that really knows what it wants to achieve cannot always tread the same path. It must find new directions, push boundaries and discover the next challenge. Our company's history begins with the track record of its founder, who, possessing extensive experience in the chemical sector, established a new form of industry in southern Brazil. This is how our chemistry makes things happen: always in the right place at the right time.

Corium is a company that believes in what it does. And it also strongly believes in what it can still do. Since 1996, this balance between tradition and innovation has transformed our work into a concept that is both solid and flexible, seeking to reinvent itself with every new challenge. The result is in the credibility and respect gained in the global market, as well as in different fields of activity that are increasingly approaching Corium.

Innovation is not starting from scratch with every project. For us, the starting point is always in the 20-year history of our company. Corium has a strong foundation. It has advanced with technology without losing its essence, while maintaining harmony with the environment and beginning new cycles every day. We are recognized for making the company a better version of what it has always been.

For Corium, the chemistry that makes things happen goes beyond formulas. It is in the relationships among people. Our team, our customers and our partners: it is in involvement that we find development. A quality product requires highly-qualified technical staff, just as the solution to a problem calls for total commitment. Only those who understand the human side of chemistry can act responsibly. From products to relationships, Corium believes in what it has always done and in what it can still do for you.