Corium is a company that is helping change the idea that the chemical industry and the ecosystem go in opposite directions. We believe that the preservation of the environment, the use of renewable resource sources and the reduction of environmental impacts are important distinguishing features for each product we develop.

Our markets recognize Corium's ability to manage the impacts of products, processes and services that come in contact with the environment. The balanced relation we seek between technological progress and environmental protection is put into practice in a responsible and innovative manner.

Responsibility is present in everything we do and in everything that happens at Corium. Our internal policies take a responsible stance based on health, safety and environmental protection.

The people, the environment, the industry, and the future: everything and everyone around Corium benefits from our practices where prevention is one of our main guidelines. Inside the company, results include the reduction of work-related accidents and increased safety assurance during industrial processes. As regards the ecosystem as a whole, the impact of these processes is minimized, either by the reduced consumption of natural resources or by the reduction of pollution in general.